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· Tap screw [2017-04-10 HITS:13]
Construction of jacking purpose: in the process of construction used with steel tube and scaffolding, scaffolding and the height of the pipe rack, rise to adjust the role of balance weight and bearing, in plane construction, co... [READ]
· The correct use of fasteners [2017-04-10 HITS:5]
The correct use of fasteners for prolonging the life of the fastener, the proper use of way is as follows: 1, the fastener type steel tube template construction scheme, construction must be compiled before set more strict caref... [READ]
· The characteristics of the fastener [2017-04-10 HITS:3]
Fasteners of adhering sand shall not be more than 100 square millimeters.The scale is not permitted in the surface of the fastener.The rest of the technical requirements for the project comply with the provisions of the GB15831... [READ]
· The production technology of fasteners [2017-04-10 HITS:1]
Fasteners production methods including the cover plate and the intermediate part of hot-pressing process production methods.Cover plate production method is: by the steel plate after punch out into a blank, the blank heating, with... [READ]
· The performance characteristics of fasteners [2017-04-10 HITS:1]
Fracture optimal - all steel cold press Gb connection fasteners Advanced structure, full steel cold pressing molding, strength and toughness than national standards and international standards, eliminate the old cast iron buckle scaf... [READ]
· The function and application of the wheel button scaffolding [2017-04-10 HITS:2]
The function and application of the wheel button scaffolding 1. Construction template (including road &bridge construction) support, especially high modulus; 2. The outer walls of the high and low building scaffold; 3. Large, medium... [READ]
· Bowls clasp scaffold with button scaffold what is the difference between [2017-04-10 HITS:1]
Bowl scaffold has big difference with button scaffold, manufacturer just more than ordinary users understand the characteristics of the scaffold. Material: bowl scaffold mainly with Q235 carbon steel pipe, plate buckles scaffold i... [READ]
· The advantages and disadvantages of bowl scaffold [2017-04-10 HITS:2]
Advantages: Features: (1) according to the specific construction requirements, different team frame size, shape, and the bearing capacity of single and double row scaffolding, racks, sticks, material hoisting frame, climbing scaffold... [READ]
· Round buckle scaffold construction points [2017-04-10 HITS:1]
Construction key points: 1, early should be special construction plan design support system, and the total package units pay-off position, make the horizontal flat vertical support system, to ensure that the late bracing and whole... [READ]
· The main advantage of the round buckle scaffold [2017-04-10 HITS:3]
The main features 1. Has the versatility, can according to the requirements of the concrete construction, form different group size, shape and bearing capacity of single and double row scaffolding, racks, columns and other functio... [READ]