Renqiu Paibo Steel Pipe Metal Products Co.,Ltd. is located in Hebei province renqiu ma dock industrial zone, is located in Beijing, tianjin, Shi Sanda city center state road 150 kilometers, traffic is very convenient.The company was founded in 2010, mainly engaged in the production and wheel scaffold, button scaffold, mobile scaffold, screw jacking, steel support and all kinds of scaffolding accessories for the leading product research and development of production enterprises.The factory covers an area of 9000 square meters, staff 110 people, the main products are plate buckles type multifunctional scaffolding, bowls button scaffolding, wheel button construction scaffolding, adjustable screw, steel support, steel support, scaffolding fasteners for the subway, a u-shaped card type, mountain etc series products.Products are widely used in construction, the viaduct bridge, overpass, shuttering, subway, tunnel, construction of the power plant and other projects.Company set up start strives for the survival by the quality, seek development by innovation as the guide to enterprise development.
   The scaffolding products, are all made of high quality steel pipe welded together and professional mechanical equipment, size, reasonable structure, robustness and anticorrosion.Our company not only strict with production, pay more attention to product of postpartum inspection.Company has full-time qualitative check member, the products of the solder joints, paint one by one on the factors such as quality inspection, to ensure the quality of the products. The company was started in the second half of 2011 the introduction of international advanced quality management concept, from the purchase of raw materials to finished product sales and after-sales service in strict accordance with international quality standards, and in February 2011 passed the ISO9000 quality management system certification.At the same time, the company's production of plate button button scaffolding, WDJ bowl scaffold, wheel scaffold and adjustable wire rod and steel support, and other products all through the national construction engineering quality supervision and inspection center of detection, completely accords with the requirements of the relevant industry standards, and in March 2012 by China building materials circulation association identified as the key to promote products, in April 2012 passed the review of the Chinese building materials market association, identified as "quality, service, credit AAA enterprise".Company's products cover all over the country, and extended to Angola, South Africa, Singapore, Russia, kazakhstan, etc. Most countries!The company undertake a variety of large and medium-sized leasing business, wholeheartedly welcome the masses of users to cooperate with us!